AUG 14 - 17, 2017

  • "As much travel, as much experience as I've had riding my bike all over the world, following the pro cycling tour, there's really no better place than Boulder Colorado, for training, for riding, for food. It's a place where almost everything you need to become your best is available"
    - Allen Lim, PhD
    Physiologist, Coach & Skratch Labs Founder
  • "There are few places on earth like Boulder; in terms of training, in terms of taking care of your body, in terms of everything you need as an athlete to support yourself"
    - Will Frischkorn
    Tour de France rider, Owner of Cured
  • "The cognoscenti experience is cycling, food and style at the highest level. Andrew and Karl have done a great job finding special people that give extraordinary experiences"
    - Robbie Ventura
    Vision Quest Coaching