How can I contact cognoscenti?
You can contact us anytime via our Contact Us page or call us at 1.877.875.3650. We will get back to you within 1 business day of your contact or call.
How do I make a reservation and how much is the deposit?
You can begin your reservation process by completing a Reservation Form or by calling us at 1.877.875.3650. As soon as we receive your completed Reservation Form we will call you within 1 business day to confirm the details of your trip. At that time we will ask you for your credit card details to secure your spot and to complete your reservation. If you make your trip reservation more than 90 days prior to the trip start date a $1,000 deposit per person is due at the time of reservation. If you reserve your trip less than 90 days prior to the trip start date, the full balance is due at the time of reservation.
What if I have to change or cancel my trip?
We understand things happen in life and sometimes you have to cancel or change a trip. We want to make it as easy as possible to do so. Please refer to our Cancellation Policy timeline. If you ever have a question, just give us a call at 1.877.875.3650.
Do I need travel insurance?
We highly recommend travel insurance in the event of any unforeseen or unexpected events or situations that do not allow you to travel on or complete your booked trip. (Examples include but are not limited to a medical emergency for yourself or someone in your immediate family, damage to or destruction of your primary residence, or an on-trip accident or trip interruption.) We work with McKay Insurance - please use this link to obtain a quote: http://www.silentsportsinsurance.com/iTravel.aspx
What's included in the price?
- Nightly accommodation at the St Julien Hotel & Spa in Boulder. - Amazing rides on the flats, the hills and the mountains in and around Boulder. - Gourmet dinners including tips and taxes at the best restaurants in town. - Superb wine and beer selections with all evening meals. - All breakfasts and lunches. - All snacks and drinks on the road, including Skratch hydration and energy products. - Some great swag including Jersey, Bib Shorts, Socks, Race Bag, T-shirt & Cap. - Pro-quality support while on the rides. - Post ride Massages (2) - The knowledge, guidance, advice and camaraderie from experienced, seasoned professional cyclists. - Short, transformational sessions on topics ranging from nutrition and hydration to strength and posture training. - Daily cycling kit laundry - Professional photographer to record your experience - Please note items not included in the price of the trip: airfare; transportation to and from the St Julien Hotel & Spa; lodging before and after the trip; personal items purchased during the trip; optional activities not scheduled as part of the Cognoscenti trip; bike rental or bike shipping related costs; and gratuities for your guides.
How many miles and how much elevation will I climb each day?
Our typical 4 day trip includes 4 rides. Below is an approximate example of our daily routes: Day 1 - 30-40 miles - 3,000 ft elevation Day 2 - 50-60 miles - 5,000 ft elevation Day 3 - 60-70 miles - 7,500 ft elevation Day 4 - 25-35 miles - 2,500 ft elevation
How many riders and guides will there be?
We have a maximum limit of 12 riding guests. We want to ensure you have plenty of support and camaraderie and that is why we have such a low ratio of riders to guides (always less than 4:1) on every trip.
Who are the pro riders that will be riding with the group?
The pro riders that join us vary from trip to trip and we usually have different pro riders on different days. In past years our pro guests have included; Christian Vande Velde, Kiel Reijnen, Craig Lewis, Will Frischkorn, Lucas Euser, Meredith Miller, Robbie Ventura, Lachlan Morton, Angus Morton, Timmy Duggan & Sarah Luckas.
What kind of shape do I need to be in?
Let's not kid ourselves - this is Boulder and that's why you're excited to come and ride with us. Our elevation is over a mile high at 5,430 feet (1,655m) and all rides start at this elevation and some go up to over 10,000 feet (3,050m). Most days will include options for 50+ miles in the saddle, but we will certainly accommodate different rider levels. From the moment you book your trip, we will start providing you with our knowledge and experience to enable you to be fully prepared. Our pace will generally be 'conversational' so please don't feel intimidated. Please call us at 1.877.875.3650 and we can provide you with further details.
Will I be riding on any dirt roads?
The vast majority of our routes are on paved roads. There are some sections of smooth, hard-packed dirt which are very safe to ride on and they get you to the most exceptional view points! It's part of the secret sauce that only the locals know about!
What if I am the slowest or fastest in a group?
We understand that fitness levels and reaction to elevation will vary amongst the group. That's why we have such a low ratio of riders to guides (always less than 4:1). We always endeavor to keep the peloton together, but sometimes there will be a breakaway group and that's just fine as our guides will be able to support multiple, smaller groups. We have chosen good meeting spots along our routes to enable riders to re-group, rest and enjoy a great snack and amazing scenery.
What kind of support will you provide while on a trip?
We completely support you both on and off the bike. We always have one guide mechanic in our support vehicle and several other guides on the bike. They’ll fill up your water bottles, change your tire, provide you with local insight and make sure everyone is enjoying their ride. Off the bike, we will also be at your service.
What does double occupancy mean?
Our trip prices are per person based on two riders sharing a room. We assume that in most cases you will be traveling with a friend, spouse or partner and therefore will share a room with them. Our double occupancy rooms at the St Julien include two queen beds. We also have king bed options.
Can I have my own room?
Of course! Although our rates are based on double occupancy, we can accommodate riders who wish to have their own room at the St Julien. Please refer to the specific trip reservation form for pricing information.
Can I bring a non-riding partner?
Absolutely! Boulder is an amazing place to visit. Incredible shopping, dining, hiking and loads of other options are available literally steps from the St Julien front door. There is lots to do for your partner in and around Boulder and heck, if it was us, we'd want them to come along too - we have put together a non-riding partner program which includes shared accommodation including breakfast, guided hikes including lunches, a Spa day and all the incredible evening meal experiences with the group. Of course, there is an additional charge for a non-riding partner, please refer to the specific trip reservation form for pricing information.
Do I tip my guide team?
Please tip your guide team at your discretion, based on their level of support and professionalism. Tips will be pooled and evenly distributed amongst the team. Industry standard is 5-10% of the base cost of the trip.
Are airport transfers included?
In most cases, guests arrive from several different locations on different flights at different times. Therefore we generally cannot pick individuals up from the airport. However, if you are traveling as part of a larger group, all arriving at the same time, we can arrange for airport transportation for an additional cost. Please Contact Us or call us at 1.877.875.3650 for more information.
Can I stay for longer before or after my trip?
Of course! Subject to availability, we can secure additional nights at the St Julien on your behalf. Please Contact Us or call us at 1.877.875.3650 and we'll take care of the rest!
Can I arrange a private trip with a group of friends?
Absolutely! For groups of 8 or more we can create a totally custom Boulder experience. Contact us or call us at 1.877.875.3650 to discuss your requirements and we'll provide a tailored proposal for your group.
Do you suggest I bring my own bike or rent one from Cognoscenti?
If it’s logistically straightforward for you to bring or ship your own bike we would suggest doing that. That’s the way you’ll feel most comfortable and we’ll have world class mechanics to set you up to ensure that your fit is exactly the way you want it. There will be an additional cost to receive and build your bike at the start of the trip and also to box and ship back to you. That being said we’ll also have a fleet of awesome bikes for you to rent while on the trip so if that is easier for you we’ll make that happen and will certainly fit you up on the rental too. There will be an additional fee for bike rental. So, the choice is yours!
How do you cater for food allergies?
We can absolutely manage around food allergies and intolerances. Just let us know and we’ll be sure to coordinate with our restaurant and food partners so that you have an incredible food experience.

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