We’re happy to provide references and to put you in touch with guests who have had the Cognoscenti Experience – here’s what they have said about us:

The Cognoscenti trip lived up to its name in every way!  They truly are ‘experts’ and ‘in the know’; from the ride guides and support staff, to the Pros that joined the trip, everyone was ‘expert’.

The routes they chose provided an awesome opportunity to enjoy the Boulder area in ways you couldn’t if you weren’t with a guide – at times challenging, but always with spectacular views and no traffic!

I love the way the community in general has embraced and supported what Cognoscenti is doing in Boulder by partnering with them for dinners, cycling wear, nutrition and fitness knowledge. It’s the ultimate vacation to come together with other passionate cyclists and ride awesome routes, pick up some good nutrition and fitness tips, have great food and wine every night and come away with memories and personal growth – All Pro, All The Time indeed!

Deb Matz, TX – pictured with (from L to R) Kiel Reijnen, Christian Vande Velde

deb matz

I came into my Cognoscenti adventure not knowing what to expect.  Well, if I had arrived with expectations, they would have been wildly exceeded.

I had a brilliant time.  415km / 258 mi covered.  7,000m / 23,000ft of climbing.  All in beautiful natural surroundings.  For what it is worth – 17,200 calories burnt.  I am sure at least double that number was consumed during the mid-ride lunches and in the fabulous restaurants that Cognoscenti took us to.

As promised, the level of service and support was incredibly high.  Well-deserved kudos go to Andrew and Karl, the co-founders for bringing their “Ride First Class” vision to life.

Johan Mokhtar, Kuala Lumpur (pictured with Lachlan Morton) – read Johan’s blog detailing his experience with us here

untitled shoot-619

As a former competitive cyclist, I’ve ridden my bike all over the country and abroad.  While there are many locales that offer challenging terrain, few seem to compare to Boulder’s concentration of amazing routes.  On my Cognoscenti trip, riding from our hotel, I was able to climb for hours, enjoy the correspondingly long descents, and ride the classic Morgul-Bismark course.  The food available before, during, and after each ride was outstanding and certainly didn’t take a backseat to the riding.  I can’t think of another cycling destination that offers the riding, food, and access to cycling luminaries as Cognoscenti’s hometown of Boulder.

Andrew Crooks, NYC – attacking on the dirt

untitled shoot-025

This was the very best cycling experience I have ever enjoyed.  The unique routes, the most professional guides, and the finest support were equaled by the incredible food and wine experiences and great exchanges with like-minded individuals all cyclists enjoy.  The opportunity to have sincere, first name conversations with the wide array of pros was great and their advice, transformative.  I am excited to return.

Troy Perry, NE (left) – getting some hydration and nutrition tips from Dr Allen Lim (founder, Skratch Labs)

untitled shoot-107-3

I really had an amazing time. It was truly my dream vacation and I would like to thank everyone very much for everything they did to make it so special. To get to ride with pro cyclists that I have been following for many years, on the roads that they use to train on was a dream come true.

I still can’t believe I let someone clean my bike everyday, that’s so not me!

Matt Guse, WI – taken at Brainard Lake, CO – over 10,000 feet

untitled shoot-806

I have been fortunate enough to have eaten in some of the best restaurants in the states and stayed in 4 & 5 star hotels. The dining and lodging experiences of my Cognoscenti 2015 trip certainly rose to those standards. But my cycling experience was “Hors Categorie”. I met avid cyclists from around the globe. The cycling “terroir” was breathtaking (literally) and the personnel from the founding principals to the meticulous wrenches to the informed, engaging ride guides (professional cyclists included) could not have been more professional or accommodating. I would recommend Cognoscenti to the dedicated cyclist looking for a riding experience par excellence.

Richard Paulding, PA – leading the pack (a common theme) on a closed road in Golden, CO

untitled shoot-009-2

The cognoscenti experience is cycling, food and style at the highest level. Andrew and Karl have done a great job finding special people that give extraordinary experiences.

Robbie Ventura, IL – Vision Quest Coaching – Ice anyone?  taken at Brainard Lake, CO – over 10,000 feet


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